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Plankton Images Analysis & Sorting Services


Bellamare provides segmentation services to prepare your images for taxa recognition and sorting. We can analyze your images in-house or provide you with a turn-key hardware solution.

Segmentation is a key step to identification and sorting. Clean Regions-of-interest (ROIs), with no background clutter, are essential to machine learning and reliable, repeatable identification.
Segmentation also provides valuable information such as: particles count, their position within the frame, and their size, perimeter, form factor area and even the water relative light attenuation. The analysis returns vignets ready to be identify and sorted.

Plankton Sorting

We have developed a set of automated learning algorythms able to reliably identify taxa and sort through ISIIS plankton images. From copepods to small diatom chains, jelly fish to larval fish, we can help you run through your collected images in a timely manner.


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