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Article 2014:

The role of internal waves in larval fish interactions with potential predators and prey

Adam T. Greer, Robert K. Cowen, Cedric M. Guigand, Jonathan A. Hare, Dorothy Tang

Progress In Oceanography, 01/2014


Environmental drivers of the fine-scale distribution of a gelatinous zooplankton community across a mesoscale front

Jessica Y. Luo, Benjamin Grassian, Dorothy Tang, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Adam T. Greer, Cedric M. Guigand, Sam McClatchie, Robert K. Cowen

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 01/2014; 510:129-149.


Fine-scale planktonic habitat partitioning at a shelf-slope front revealed by a high-resolution imaging system

Adam T. Greer, Robert K. Cowen, Cedric M. Guigand, Jon A. Hare

Journal of Marine Systems, 10/2014




Article 2013:

Evaluation of the In Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System (ISIIS): comparison with the traditional (bongo net) sampler

Robert K. Cowen, Adam T. Greer, Cedric M. Guigand, Jonathan A. Hare, David E. Richardson, Harvey Walsh

Fishery Bulletin- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 01/2013; 111(1):1.


Relationships between phytoplankton thin layers and the fine-scale vertical distribution of two trophic levels of zooplankton

Adam Greer, Robert K. Cowen, Cedric M. Guigand, Margaret A. McManus, Jeff C. Sevadjian, Amanda H.V. Timmerman

Journal of Plankton Research, 08/2013; 35(5):939.



Article 2012:

Resolution of fine biological structure including small narcomedusae across a front in the Southern California Bight

Sam McClatchie, Robert Cowen, Karen Nieto, Adam Greer, Jessica Y Luo, Cedric Guigand, David Demer, David Griffith, Daniel Rudnick

Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans). 01/2012; 117(C4).




Conference Paper 2014:

Fine-scale distribution of larval fish and zooplankton over a mesoscale front explored through high frequency imaging a new sampling tool: In-Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System

Robin Faillettaz, Jessica Luo, Cédric Guigand, Robert K Cowen, Jean-Olivier Irisson

Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, 02/2014




News Article:



Christian Science








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